Sunday, September 21, 2008

We Love Art

by Tel Aviv art galleries.

As every year, Tel Aviv celebrated the begining of the art exhibitions season with the annual "We Love Art" project - the open exhibition that takes place in the city's main boulevards.

More than 50 art installations took part of the exhibition and were placed in the boulevards. This year the exhibition was themed "Amusement Park which is like no other". And of course, all the galleries and museums in the city opened their doors to the public.

My new apartment (a post about this will be up one day soon) is in Chen Boulevard, one of the boulevards in the heart of Tel Aviv, and our balcony was right in front of all the happenings. In front of our apartment Hila Amram and Demi Livshits displayed their project - "Einayim Zazot" ("moving eyes") which is a cool and cute display of big plastic googly eyes on the trees. When I saw them from my balcony preparing I run down and asked them if they would like me to put some eyes on our balcony as well. They happily said yes and this is how our balcony was part of the display in the exhibition!

Here are few photos of this project, the first is our balcony as it looked from the street (and you can see me there too...) and the others are of some of the now-more-human trees. You can click on the images for a bigger version of them, or see the rest of the photos on the project's flickr page.

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Noah said...

Is this still on? that's real nice...Love the eyes on your belcony...

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