Wednesday, September 10, 2008

we are not athletes

we are not athletes is a site that I helped to build in the past month.

The site is about "two ordinary guys who decided to run the New York City Marathon to raise money for two great causes", and this is of course in their own words (I don't think they are ordinary at all).

In the site you can watch their training progress, bet on who finishes the race first and their race times, participate in an open "group blog" and of course, donate to the charities they run for, The American Cancer Society and Hole in the Wall Camps. After you donate you can add yourself to the donors gallery.

The website was designed and built by a very talented and creative designer, Chesley Andrews. All the photos and videos on the site were taken by Erika Kessel. I just helped a little bit with the php code.

I really love the result and hope that the site will fulfill it's purpose and raise lot of donations. This way we are all winning.

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Noah said...

This is neat...
What an idea.
A good feeling to know there are good people out there...

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