Wednesday, September 17, 2008

LHC rap

by CERN.

Everybody around is talking about the huge experiment that started last week under Europe and I have heard many dark forecasts of what may happen as the experiment goes own. In my new apartment we are even planning to host an "end of the world" party for the night before Oct 21st.

All I knew about the LHC is that it is going to produce black holes. And that sounds crazy. And then I encountered this song, written and performed by Kate Mcalpine (aka alpinekat) from CERN and few of her coworkers. The shooting was done on site.

UPDATE: Apparently, this is Kate's second try at scientific rap. Her debut song, "N3UROCH!P Rap", is about two physicists from Tel Aviv who imprinted rudimentary memories onto a network of living neurons.

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