Monday, February 2, 2009

Ilha Da Loucura

by Jorge Fernando.

I have just returned from a short and amazing vacation in Lisbon, Portugal.
Even though it is not the best season (it almost didn't stop raining), and even though I was there for just 4 days, I noticed that this city has something unique in it. Some sort of classic style that makes you feel very calm and comfortable there. I had a really good time. I will upload the pictures soon.

At the first night me and my friend went to a Fado pub. Unlike most of the touristic Fado clubs, this was a local one which means very very small and crowded, no English speaking service or even customers and really good Fado singers. Also this place is open only two nights in the week.

We got in pretty late and heard the last two singers of that night. Before the last singer the owner stood up to introduce her. Of course he spoke in Portuguese and I didn't understand a word, but from the way he spoke I thought\imagined that he is saying that the next singer is very unique.
Then a beautiful girl stood up and started singing. I lost all my thoughts and couldn't focus on anything. Her singing was very touching and exciting (and did I mention she was beautiful?)

The song Ilha Da Loucura was the first song she sang and it was the most amazing performance I saw in a long time. I did my best to explain to one of the waitresses that I want to know the name of the song and she went to singer and asked her. The version I put here is the only one I found on the internet. It is not nearly as good as the one that I heard in the pub, but I think the song itself is very good and I hope you will like it too.

The Portuguese lyrics are below.

UPDATE - it seems like the song doesn't go through RSS readers. If you are reading this from one, go to the actual post to hear the song.

Cheguei á estranha ilha da loucura
Onde a paixão violenta me tocou
Errava então minh’alma á procura
Quando encontrou a tua e sossegou

Depois foram as mãos que se tocaram
Trementes, acudidas de emoção
Os olhos nunca mais se nos calaram
Contando as emoções do coração

Meu amor, meu amor
Aceita as emoções do coração

A voz era um murmúrio na garganta
Qual pássaro aturdido a esvoaçar
A sede da minh’alma fora tanta
Que só na tua se pôde saciar

Então, meus pés descalços sobre a ilha
Partiram sem partir, a desvendar
O mar beijando a areia, fez-te filha
E a ilha meu amor, reinou no mar

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