Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Halston Fall 2009

by Colonel Blimp.

Halston released this video clip instead of producing a runway to show off their 2009 collection.

I think the video clip is cool, and it surely touched my Oh-I-Miss-New-York sensitive points, but again, I love the song the more. From what I understand it was composed especially for Halston and this video clip by Benjamin Bronfman and that it is called You’re The One. Will keep on looking for information about this song.

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BAG LAD said...

Great, isn't it? Although it looks like NY, the clip is actually shot in London, at Pinewood Studios, and rumour has it that the set was used as Gotham City and has been recycled.
The video was directed by Nez Khammel, who did clips for Lily Allen and M.I.A.
Benjamin Bronfman is the husband of M.I.A., and just this week they became parents of a son.
Bronfman is also known as Ben Brewer (after his mother) and he played guitar in the NY band The Exit.
The song has not been officially released yet.

mos said...

Thanks for all the information!

Now I am very interested to listen to the upcoming Bronfman album.

Halo said...

I am getting crazy about the song!!! I'm looking for the name of the singer since i heard it... and I'm still searching.
You have a great blog... :)

mos said...

Hey Halo, THANKS!

I am also looking for this song and also want to hear other songs by Benjamin Bronfman. Let me know if you find some more info about this!

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