Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Street Wars

This is just so cool that I am almost speechless.

A real water-guns war going on in the city. You get a target and go play an assassin. If you manage to 'kill' your target (wet them) you get their targets.

God it is so cool.

Get all the details in www.streetwars.net, and who is with me for arranging it in Tel Aviv?


Reg said...

1. streetwars is SO cool! you should totally start that in TA. great idea. but. at the same time, a few reasons it might not work. will talk to u about that later.
2. u have such cool things on this website! i just caught up w/ all the music and posts, and i love all the things you find! SO cool!
3. why can't i leave comments when i use google reader? i hate not being able to write comments. had to go to ur website, and figure out how to do it directly...

mos said...

Funny, only now, more than 4 years later, I saw this comment... so better late than never: thanks! :)

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