Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Drive You Home

by Garbage.

My vacation in Barcelona ended with some surreal unpleasant accords, but as a whole it was very interesting and enjoyable. Pictures coming soon.

A major part of my time there I spent on rented bicycles. I'd drive around the city and get lost. On my last day, during a coffee stop somewhere, I heard this song.

It's funny how
Even now
You still support me after all of the things that I've done
You're so good to me
Waiting patiently
And isn't it sad that you still have to ask if I care?

I never said I was perfect
But I can take you away

Walk on shells tonight
Can't do right tonight
And you can't say a word
Cause I leap down your throat
So uptight am I

I never said I was perfect
But I can drive you home

I got down on myself
Working too hard
Driving myself to death
Trying to beat out the faults in my head
What a mess I've made
Sure we all make mistakes
But they see me so large that they think I'm immune to the pain

I'm praying for a miracle
But I won't hold my breath

I never said I was perfect
But can you take me home?

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