Tuesday, February 26, 2008


First let me tell you I re-edited yesterday's post (starting of course with changing "Faith" to "Fate"). I'm sorry but I was too upset and some mistakes slipped through.

And after yesterday I posted the Oscar winning song from the movie "Once", today I went to see it.

"Once" displays life as it should be lived. It is so naturalistic. It displays reality as I see it. It made me feel so good to realize I am not the only one who think the way I think and act the way I act.

And the soundtrack (all of which but one song composed and performed by the movie actors themselves) is amazing. Check out the official site to listen to all the songs (along with videos and photos). I think I will post few of those songs here in the close future.

For me, watching this movie was the right thing to do. And it was definitely the perfect time to do it. I got out of the movie filled with optimism and strength (although I am sure the movie's end will not make everyone feel the same. I just think I saw a bit beyond it).

The only thing that disturbs me is the name of the movie. During the movie we don't get an explanation for choosing the name "once". I really hope the writer didn't try to say that these kind of stories can only happen once in a lifetime because I know to me it already happened. But actually it happened to me more than once already, so I guess there is no need to worry.

If this movie shows somewhere around you, GO SEE IT. If not, RENT IT.

And here is the trailer, in case you didn't see it already. Promise me you won't settle for the it and go watch the movie.

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