Sunday, November 8, 2009

Service Not Included ("Lo Kolel Sherut")

by Tel Aviv Youngsters ("Tseirey Tel Aviv").

"Lo Kolel Sherut", an ancient TV show, was broadcast between 1990-1993. It was about a cafe in Tel Aviv that is run by a group of youngsters, played by the members of the city-owned band "Tseirey Tel Aviv". From time to time the band would sing a cover of Israeli or international hit song.

The show aired on the state owned public channel, then the only channel in Israeli television.

Back then everyone watched that show. I personally loved the girls... and I was especially in love with Shir Gotlib. I always thought she, or more true her character, was the smartest one :)

And although she wasn't the biggest star on the show, I think she was the most beautiful one:

So, here are a few of their international covers:

Just like a prayer, which its Hebrew translation made its broadcast in Israel's state-owned channel so provocative back then.

Dream a little dream of me, by the beautiful Shir Gotlib. How can you not fall in love I don't know.

I Don't Want To Talk About It

Tomorrow, from "Angie" soundtrack

And lastly, We are the world. This is a live performance in Tel Aviv with special surprise guests - from "Beverly Hills 90210" actor Ian Ziering, and from "Parker Lewis Can't Lose" actor Corin Nemec (who looks pretty lost). The early 90's never looked better. Check out the video editing, the outfits, and especially the cool cameras the kids in the crowd have...

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