Friday, January 16, 2009


I would never think I will post something about the fight in Gaza in my so not political blog, but at the end I gave in.

Between the so many videos I saw about this subject, I picked this video not because it is the best in showing how right is Israel's side or how wrong is the picture that the Palestinians are trying (and succeeding) to show to the world, but because that from all the bad things that a war in general in this in particular brings, this is for me the worst.

I get really sad and really pessimist when I see these pictures (and trust me there are much worse pictures of this behavior, this is just the only English speaking video I found on the subject).
I get the feeling there is no way we can ever have any kind of peace or serenity when we are facing this kind of people with such no humanity or value for life. Not even for their own children and babies.

UPDATE - I guess putting one video made it much easier to give in and put another. I added one more video which I felt I had to. I know it is dramatically edited but nevertheless it is all true. We want peace (to both sides), we want no civilians to be hurt (on both sides) while Hamas is aiming directly to civilian populations from within civilian populations (even when there are so many army populations now around the Gaza strip...). I hope this whole thing will end quickly and in a good way to both sides, as I hope this will be my last political video in this blog.

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noah said...

The second one is the strongest.That's a good video that is taken "lively" from our real life.

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