Sunday, November 23, 2008

Vacation in Barcelona - photo album

by me.

It took me a while but I finally found the time to upload my photos from Barcelona to Picasa.

I haven't used Picasa in a while and so I just discovered the new feature of face tagging in photos, just like in Facebook.
The difference is that Google will analyze the photos for you, and then will give you grouped thumbnails of faces of the same person, from all over your albums, to make it easy for you to tag him. This made the face tagging process so much fun, it almost felt like a computer game.
One funny thing is that sometimes I would get asked to tag a face that I don't recognize. After clicking "display this photo in its original context" I noticed that Google's technology just recognized a tiny tiny little face from far away or even on someone's shirt or something like this. For those faces, Google let you either "ignore" it or decide that "this is not a face".
If you have an active Picasa account I recommend giving face tagging a try. If you don't have an active Picasa account, there are so many other reasons for you to start using Picasa today!

The first picture is a screenshot of the face tagging process. Below it is a sideshow of the album, but I recommend watching it big and not that small.

UPDATE - Elad also uploaded his photos from the first three days we spent together. Until I will add his pictures to my album, you can watch it on Picasa.

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