Wednesday, July 2, 2008

small changes to my blog

I decided to try some of the new features that blogger beta ( is offering. Here are some of them:

- added a list of my latest shared posts from my google reader to the sidebar.
- added a live blogroll which also shows the latest post from each blog.
- you can comment on posts directly from the post page (thank god blogger finally fixed that horrible user interface flaw).

There are few more toys I would want to add to my blog. One of them is the Jajah button which will allow you to call me directly from your phone for free using the Jajah service. At the moment this seems kind of useless as this blog don't even get regular comments... But maybe the new inline comments posting will encourage you to comment more and I will not feel ridiculous to add the Jajah button :). I am using the Jajah service for almost a year now and I am very very happy with it. If you know anyone outside of your country that you would want to talk on the phone with - I recommend you give Jajah a test drive.

And don't forget to come back here and comment about it :)

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cheza said...

Hey, thanks for the add! your blog is so cute.


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