Friday, June 27, 2008

Waltz with Bashir

by Ari Folman.

I always thought the only thing that is holding documentaries from being highly popular is that they rely on the availability of filmed footage of the events. One of the main reasons I think Hollywood productions are so popular is because they offer a detailed and real presentation of the way the story in the film really looks like.

The "Animated Documentary" genre is free of this difficulty.

Last week I went to see the first-of-it's-kind "Animated Documentary" movie "Waltz with Bashir". The movie is all animated, but only to show realty as it was in the absence of the necessary footage.
In my opinion one of the best outcomes is that for the first time I watched a documentary that was able to portrait the dreams and thoughts of it's characters. Ironically, this actually feels like a more real and authentic documentary.

This movie is good for more reasons. Other than the great editing and soundtrack, the story is interesting. It shows some of the not-popular aspects of the non-consensus "Lebanon War" - mostly regarding the unfortunate Sabra and Shatila massacre.

My bottom line - I recommend you to watch it.

The image - birds fly in the streets of Beirut.
The video - Waltz with Bashir Trailer.

If you have an opinion about this movie or the story behind it you are welcomed leave a comment.

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